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History of Our Bail Bonding Company

Our bail bonding company started in 1993 working with Gardner Bail Bonding Company™ under the supervision of Herbert A. Gardner, Jr. We opened an independent location in 1999, and since that time we have expanded our services to several areas in the state of North Carolina. We understand how essential bonding services are and want to ensure that we put your feet back on the street.


Morris Moye Jr Bail Bonding Co. is offering partnerships with other bail bonding companies or individuals who want to start their own bail bonding company. Contact us for a consultation on how we can help you start your own business or information about the services that we can offer current bail bonding companies.

Electronic Monitoring for Our Agents

While Electronic Monitoring has been around since the 1960s, recent advances in GPS and cell phone technology have brought it to the attention of the criminal justice system throughout the country. This technology, combined with prison overcrowding and the high cost of incarceration, has led to an explosion in the electronic monitoring market. Here’s your chance to be at the forefront of the revolution.

There are multiple benefits in using electronic monitoring, and many ways to monitor offenders, including:

  • Detention: Home detention typically requires offenders to be at home during established curfew hours that you set.
  • Restriction: Electronic Monitoring also may be used to keep an individual out of certain areas, or away from specific people.
  • Surveillance: An offender can be continuously tracked and monitored, so you know where they go, without actually restricting movement.
  • Breath Testing: Highly accurate breath alcohol testing can be done from the home with color picture verification.
  • Multilingual Voice Verification: This tool is ideal for passive presence monitoring to verify an offender’s presence at a certain location.

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